I have always believed that the names we choose to give to a person or product are transformed into identities that define the personality of the wearer.

The fact that Vassilis Akribos, the bonvivant and sui generis owner of the popular fish restaurant Psariston, and co-owner of the Aeolos 68 tavern, and occasionally a cantinier in the unique food truck Black Fat Rabbit, chose the word "goat" to name his new tavern, not just humorous. In my opinion, he states that besides a meat-eating with a Greek sign, he seeks to restore to our tasteful flavor all those delicacies of the old sausage tavern, which for various reasons, documented and unrecognized, have been banished from our diet.

One of these is the soft, rich and buttered feta that opened our dinner, which may not be absolutely related to the meats, but it expresses the same "sinful" view of food and is, along with the excellent cucumber-tomato salad and boiled salami, from the lightest proposals in the catalog, which includes suggestions, such as the iconic lamb liver - tanned, chopped and perfectly fried, together with its sweetness, is also meant for Kokoretsi, in his Turkish version, that is, as we explained Vassilis Akrivos, with t his encircles wrapped, not around a heifer, but around sweet chocolate alone.

I will not go into the reasoning to describe the dishes one by one. Does not make sense. I will just limit myself to seeing that the very good butcher baker Yannis Koustenis has mastered the whole oleogustus or kukumi of the so-called 6th taste, which gives the fat to our taste pallet. I felt it in the extremely cooked pizzas of iberico pork, Greek breed (not a black pig), the scrumptious but delicious ewe lamb, in their own handmade sausages and in the delicious kokoretsi.

However, in the must of the kitchen, which you should not overlook in any way, are the astonishing (conjuice) macarunas, the trahanas and, for the coolest evenings, the soup (belly or leg).

It is a pity that the shop opens early at 18:00 and does not close the dawn, otherwise this new, cult version of the old sausage tavern could easily become a hangout that would justify the original concept of the restaurant restoration served food not only delicious but also utilitarian ... for empowerment [sic].

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